The Influence Room Podcast - Changing the dialogue: Ugo Monye
Posted by The Room on Jun 25, 2020 3:21:41 PM

On this episode of our podcast, we were delighted to have sports pundit and former rugby union player, Ugo Monye. We chat to him about his past success on the pitch and life after retiring. 

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The Authentic Influence Lookbook
Posted by The Influence Room on Jun 23, 2020 9:48:05 AM

In its infancy, influencer marketing meant big brands paying big names to promote their products. But these days, finding brand advocates doesn’t need to be a big investment. While paid promotion has its place, it’s not the only way to get people talking. 

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New name, new look - Introducing The Room
Posted by The Influence Room on Jun 12, 2020 3:08:36 PM

We’re still the same, just more space to grow! 

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The Influence Room - Get your weekly news fix
Posted by The Influence Room on May 6, 2020 5:45:38 PM

Welcome back to our weekly summary of what’s happening in the news right now. With the world adjusting to life at home, businesses are continually changing and evolving in order to keep going through the lockdown. So, to help you stay connected and to keep you up to date, we have pulled together some of the top stories in the news this week.

So without further ado, here is what caught our attention.

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How to make the Instagram algorithm work for you?
Posted by The Influence Room on Apr 30, 2020 10:40:32 AM

A popular topic, and one that is of interest to both brands and influencers, is understanding how the Instagram algorithm works and how to use it to your advantage. With an effort to improve transparency, Instagram has explained how the algorithm is based on machine learning, so it creates a unique feed for everyone. In order to understand the algorithm, there are three main factors that determine what you see on your feed. 

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What's the Latest News in Social Media?
Posted by The Influence Room on Apr 20, 2020 3:24:39 PM

We are back again with our weekly summary on what's the latest news in social media this week. It is evident that the majority of platforms are finding ways to help improve the ways in which we are connecting online during this time. So here's what's new!

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Breaking down TikTok, metrics and how to use it on an organic basis with influencers
Posted by The Influence Room on Apr 9, 2020 12:16:37 PM

TikTok, the favourite social video platform amongst GenZ, has seen huge growth in millennials and adults searching for positive, light-hearted content during the pandemic.

Tik Tok is first and foremost a digital marketing tool for brand awareness and user acquisition, and should be an integral channel in your marketing plan beyond 2020.  TikTok has seen a huge recent increase of viral videos and new users –a total of 65 million unique downloads took place in March alone, adding to the 800 million users recorded in January 2020.

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Talent: Get creative for the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend
Posted by The Influence Room on Apr 8, 2020 3:28:24 PM

With Easter coming up this weekend, it's time to get creative with some seasonal content. The stay at home economy during the pandemic are itching to see the freshest and most innovative content! Have you ditched the winter wardrobe yet? Need to consider a new spring grading for your grid? Here are a few things you can do to fill your feed with some Easter inspired content, whilst at home.

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Global brands stepping up to make a difference during the Pandemic.
Posted by The Influence Room on Apr 8, 2020 10:41:58 AM

Although we have been inclined to avoid talking about Covid-19 too much, and have focused on the positive elements of businesses and talent alike – we cannot ignore the incredible effort that is going on amongst global and smaller brands.  We want to acknowledge those businesses who have turned their resource and factories around to support the battle against the spread.  

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What’s New in Social Media this week?
Posted by The Influence Room on Apr 6, 2020 11:28:59 AM

Welcome back to our weekly summary of what's happened in social media this week. From the weird to the downright useful updates to apps in addition to reactive content that will help brands through this unsettling time, we have it covered. So, here is what caught our attention this week.

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The Influence Room Talent Spotlight: Meet Rachael Burford
Posted by The Influence Room on Apr 2, 2020 6:18:25 PM
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Talent: What can you do to broaden your skills and stay fit at home
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 31, 2020 11:19:46 AM

Many people don’t take the advantage of learning and development opportunities, as so many of us just don’t have the time in our busy lives. However, with the recent enforcement to remain at home, it opens up time to explore and educate ourselves with the skills we want to expand. 

Take a online training course

Online training courses are a great way to strengthen and expand your skill set, whilst also being easily accessible. You can use this time to further understand areas of your current profession or expand and learn a new venture. Either way it's a highly effective way of educating yourself and can be completed at your own pace. If you need any inspiration go check out HSC. Edx, and Skillshare. 

Get a mentor

Why not use this time to connect with someone on Linkedin with greater experience than yourself, to help better your professional development. By gaining a mentor, you can attain valuable new skills and life lessons by the knowledge a mentor will have. A great mentor will not only help you solve any challenges you face, but will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. They will give you real feedback you need to put you in a position to advance. 

Read, read, read and look for problems to solve 

With more available time, it's important to take advantage of this and put it to good use. The most valuable tool we can have to develop and broaden our skills is by reading. Reading and understanding topics, and exploring new areas is a great way to grow your own skill set whilst also challenging your brain.  

Keeping fit at home

Additional to broadening your skills, research has suggested that it is vital to keep fit alongside. By working out it can help us be more focused, alert and productive at work. Being more active can put you in a more positive mood, help with a better night sleep, help make better food choices throughout the day and help build more muscle more efficiently. 

Invest in key equipment 

If you want to up your home workout game, then it’s time to invest in some fitness essentials. Grab yourself some weights, some resistance bands and any other kit that can help your routines. Whilst you can still get by with things around the house, adding weights to key exercises such as squats and lunges will add a new dimension to your workout routine. Additionally, become a member of The Influence Room and check out one of our latest brand opportunity with manta, where they are offering their new 'Next Generation Foam Roller'.

Make the most of your surroundings 

You might think that being at home might be quite restricted, but guess what? You’re wrong! Get creative with the stuff around you. Use the stairs or dining chairs for tricep dips or for seated squats. Whatever it is you can find a way to help assist your workout. And don't forget you don't need the gym to perform simple floor exercises. 

Use social media/ workout videos

As most of us will be spending a lot more time on social media, you can use this time to start following more online fitness coaches and bloggers, such as.  This can help you pick up some tips and home workout routines that you can save and use for later. Someone who we are loving right now is Joe Wicks, as he's offering free live workouts everyday at 9am and they are sure to get your heart rates going.

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Why brand partnerships matter more now than ever.
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 31, 2020 10:43:30 AM

The impact of Covid-19 has led to our clients to reach out for advice on how to create specific content that drives engagement, click throughs and brand authenticity in the right tone.  Advocates is one channel, but we also open up the option of collaborating with other brands who are also finding their feet during this time.

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Brands/Talent: What’s New in Social Media?
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 27, 2020 3:12:54 PM

As with most things in tech, the social media world is very fast paced. Every day changes and updates are rolled out to different platforms and new strategies and tactics are always being formulated. It can be hard work to keep on top of it all, so to help you out we’ve compiled the latest news from our favourite platforms, to keep you ahead of the curve. This is our weekly feature, so keep an eye out!

TikTok launches celebrity-hosted, daily live-streams to entertain users amid COVID-19 lockdown

TikTok has launched the #HappyAtHome initiative to help lighten the mood amid the current lockdown, while also giving users a chance to ask questions of experts and engage with celebrities on the platform. It will see well-known musicians, actors, comedians and more share a series of live-streams on the platform at 5pm, every day of next week.

Pinterest has introduced a new personalised feature for daily inspiration

As people adjust to a new normal, they are coming to Pinterest to stay inspired. Therefore, they have introduced the, "Today tab", a source of daily inspiration with curated topics and trending pins, which will make it easy to explore popular and timely ideas.

Facebook releases new digital literacy resources for kids and parents, tips for supporting remote workers

With kids spending more time online, as a result of school closures, and many parents having to work at home, they are unable to supervise what their children are doing. As a result, Facebook launched the initiative “Get Digital”, which includes several educational areas, each of which features a video overview, and links to a range of tools and resources to help improve digital literacy.  This should help young people develop the competencies and skills they need to more safely navigate the internet. 

Snapchat has launched its mental health feature early due to Coronavirus

Its "Here For You" feature will show safety resources from local experts when Snapchatters search for certain topics, including those related to anxiety, depression, stress, grief, suicidal thoughts and bullying. Due to the current pandemic it has now expanded its search terms such as "Coronavirus" and "COVID-19", which provide content from the World Health Organisation and other partners.

Instagram is testing Snapchat-style disappearing text messages

Instagram is preparing to copy Snapchat's most popular feature where it clears chat threads whenever you leave them. This could make users more comfortable with having rapid-fire, silly, vulnerable, or risqué chats, thereby driving up the reply notifications that keep people opening Instagram all day long.

Twitter's number of active users soar, but ad sales are declining

The Coronavirus outbreak has made social media services such as Twitter vital for a broader population than usual, as people look to stay abreast of the latest news from authorities and keep in touch with friends virtually. But many advertisers have pulled marketing budgets to rein in costs because of the virus-related uncertainty, and others are hesitant to advertise alongside coronavirus discussions for fear of associating their brands with the sensitive topic.

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Talent: Why not trying to read a book during isolation? Our top picks here for you.
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 25, 2020 5:26:35 PM

With a pandemic at large, it is important to remember the positive aspects of this period of isolation that we are in. It is a great time to learn, take time out to do thing's you haven't got around to, connect with people (calling them) and read!  With a huge percentage of people now digitally scrolling throughout the day, and the emphasis on working from home - it is important to take a break, and so why not read a book? It is a great way to switch off after a day, and relax - or a nice way to have a lunch break to split the day up from your laptop and phone. If you want some new wonderful reads, then check out our new opportunity with Polaris Publishing.

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Why brands need to shift their influencer strategy to favour contra marketing during the pandemic
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 25, 2020 4:46:16 PM

With the pandemic now hitting global economies and businesses hard – influencers are likely to be affected with marketers deciding what they are willing to pay for sponsored posts, with a likely 15-25% drop in rates for sponsored posts from brands.

Brands need to act now, at a time where 4% of consumers trust what influencers say online – the need for transparent storytelling and authentic brand experiences is now more than ever. Over 66% of people partaking in a research piece by influencer marketing platform IZEA said that they would spend more time on social media during confinement at home lockdowns due to covid-19 – this cements the need for brands to find an effective way to connect with a captive audience seeking content, services and entertainment.

So, what should your brand be doing with your existing influencer strategy?


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Talent: Our uplifting podcast suggestions to keep you going
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 23, 2020 5:22:19 PM

In a time of great uncertainty and stress, there are only a few things that can act as a form of escapism. At The Influence Room, we understand that self-isolation can be quite lonely and so we believe that podcasts can provide this form of escapism when you most need it, from fantasy dramas to humorous marital chatter. We have collated our favourite 10 podcasts right now, to act as the perfect solitude from isolation.


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Talent: Keeping positive during isolation
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 23, 2020 2:39:50 PM

This period is a trying time for everyone - businesses, people and animals alike. Recognising and keeping to governmental &  NHS advice to stay at home and practise social distancing is integral to preventing the virus spreading further, so we have come up with suggestions of how to relieve any anxiety, mental stress and keep positive and upbeat during this time.


When you get your blood flowing and your body moving, you release endorphins, such as serotonin which teaches your body how to react better to difficult situations and combats stress. There are now thousands of free yoga and exercise classes on YouTube; we love a good Joe Wicks, and many gyms, content curators and athletes are now live-streaming classes from home. If you are not in actual quarantine, go for a walk or run outside, whilst still practicing social distancing. This is an easy way to also keep yourself in a routine and maintain some normality. As a suggestion - you might find it easiest to stick to if you make yourself a schedule for each day where you factor in your exercise.


When you first start, meditation can feel very difficult to get into. Nowadays our minds are constantly moving at 1000 miles an hour and we often forget to take the time to stop, breath and recenter ourselves. Meditation is a great way to combat stress and reflect on what we should be thankful for, which is key during this isolating and lonely time. There are now 100s of apps and tutorials to get you started. We would suggest beginners try Calm or Headspace.

Speak to people

Now more than ever, speaking to people is vital to ensure you keep positive during this time. Calling your colleagues rather than emailing them, scheduling a call with friends and family every day and even getting the neighbours numbers and giving them a call once in a while is vital. We all thrive off talking to each other - and isolation should not stop this at all.

Take up a new hobby

A hobby is an invaluable and often forgotten treasure in the modern world. A hobby is something you should do purely for yourself or for fun. During quarantine it's a great time to start doing something with your hands, whether it is learning to embroider, painting or finally doing that 1000 piece puzzle your aunt gave you two years ago. By doing something tactile, you engage your brain more and, much like exercise, it helps you produce more endorphins. 

De-clutter your life and mind

Everyone will have a list of ‘life admin’ that needs to get crossed off. Nowadays we are so busy and rarely get the time to do things we want to do, let alone the chores we should do. During quarantine it is the perfect time to have a spring clean, repurpose your wardrobe or simply change that light bulb that hasn’t worked for a year. It is also a great chance to look at your schedule and social life, assess how you spend your time and think about if you are using it in the right way or the way that makes you happy.

Think about what you’re grateful for

Whether it is starting to write a line and day or keeping a journal, this is a fantastic way to keep track of your thoughts, and during times when you are feeling down, you can look back and reflect on what is important to you. A great way to begin is at the start of the day write down 3 things you are grateful for and then just before you go to bed add in why.

Pamper yourself 

Much like meditation, a bath is the perfect time to slow down, take a break from being online and have some time to yourself.  A relaxing bath can be made even better with bubbles, salts, oils, candles and face masks. At times like this it is important to treasure the little things and simple pleasures in life.

Learn something new

The internet is now full of online courses for you to try. Learning a new skill will give you something outside of work to immerse yourself in and help take your mind off these difficult times. If you are keen to learn a new language Duolingo  is a fantastic app which you can  download onto your phone or for something a bit different, check out edX or Skillshare.

Cook and bake

Many of us many find cooking intimidating and I am sure we all know that sinking feeling when a recipe goes horribly wrong. But now all restaurants and bars are closed it is the perfect time  to get creative in the kitchen and learn a new skill. If you don’t have cook books at home there is a whole library of recipes online and if anyone is interested in learning how to make their own artisan bread, try out Sourdough.

Most importantly...

Remember that you’re not alone

We should all practise self care, but it is also important to have a support system and maintain a community, which for some is extremely challenging during quarantine. Whether it is checking in with friends via facetime, chatting to colleagues on your daily hangout or simply giving a loved one a call, it’s really important to maintain some sort of social interaction. If you are able to go outside consider taking the time to help others, as there are lots of elderly and vulnerable people that will need support with buying groceries and other everyday tasks. If you are ever feeling  extremely lonely, isolated or feel you have no one to talk too, you can always call the Samaritans for support. And remember, the whole world is in this together, you are not alone.

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The Influence Room Podcast- Changing the dialogue: Anna Shearer
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 18, 2020 11:32:40 AM

This week on our podcast, we are delighted to have joining us the fabulous Anna Shearer, blogger and entrepreneur. She chats to us about her journey as a blogger and how she has developed through working with brands which enabled her to set up her own marketing and advertising agency, Digital Oblix. 

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Start ups: In times of uncertainty, keep the conversations alive
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 16, 2020 6:35:36 PM

The Influence Room - ready to help you, right now.

There is no doubt these are hugely trying circumstances for startups.  If you are a small business, we want to help keep your conversation alive.  If you would like to engage with people of influence keen to support and collaborate, please do get in touch.
For the next three months, simply pay whatever you can afford.
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The Influence Room Podcast - Changing the dialogue: Gordon Smart - Broadcaster and Journalist
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 4, 2020 8:30:34 PM

On this week’s podcast we have the brilliantly talented, Gordon Smart, broadcaster, businessman and father. He talks to us about his long career in journalism, his other ventures and plans for the future. Gordon Smart is a former showbiz editor of The Sun, Editor of  The Scottish Sun and currently Radio X evening show host. A lifetime spent on both sides of the media fence gives him a unique viewpoint on what makes great storytelling.

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Brands: How to measure the success of your influencer marketing strategy
Posted by The Influence Room on Mar 2, 2020 1:36:17 PM

Influencer marketing is fast becoming a channel for brands to acquire new customers, enhance brand awareness with new audiences and increase conversations around brand activations. Traditional marketing budgets are being re-jigged to favour digital, social and influencer marketing - and with this there is a necessity to monitor and measure influencer marketing campaign effectiveness.

Determining ROI can be a challenge, therefore deciding on the metrics and ways to measure the success of a campaign  will focus the campaign, and also provide brands with insights when it comes to reporting on what worked and what didn't.  

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A note to our influencers: our suggested rescue remedy on mental health
Posted by The Influence Room on Feb 26, 2020 3:20:57 PM

Mental health is a very relevant topic that has dominated the landscape over the last couple of weeks, spurred by the recent tragic event of a UK TV personality’s death. This is just a reminder of the implications of social media’s rapid rise- and the relationship it has with young people’s mental health, which has gained significant amount of attention in recent years. 

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Influencers: How to inject creativity into brand campaigns
Posted by The Influence Room on Feb 17, 2020 1:38:13 PM

With influencer marketing campaigns flooding our feeds, it is essential that influencers are creating personal and effective content that resonates with their own 'brand' in addition to the brand they are collaboratively working with. Consumers are savvy and acutely aware of brand endorsements and flat product mentions.

Over 60% of consumers believe authenticity is the most important attribute for an influencer campaign - Consumers are influenced by the creators they choose to follow, largely because they relate to them, and therefore trust them. Therefore, influencers need to ensure content are true to their own aesthetic, with the times, and stand out from the crowd.

So, here are a few things to consider to spice up your coming brand campaigns.

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Five predictions for Influencer marketing in 2020
Posted by The Influence Room on Jan 22, 2020 1:09:46 PM

We have just waved goodbye to 2019, a year full of surprise platform updates, new trends and newcomers rising steadily in popularity that have caused mayhem (in a good, and bad way) for brands and talent alike.

Tik Tok has become THE platform to watch, with its rise in popularity in 2019. It was the most installed app in Q1 of 2019, and now has over 8m monthly active users who are spending up to 46 minutes per day consuming videos that are 15 mins long.   With this, there has been a drive from brands and creators alike to develop campaigns  that are authentic and transparent, reflective of a shift in the industry and how content is consumed. 

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The Influence Room Podcast- Changing the dialogue: Cyran Field Bampton
Posted by The Influence Room on Jan 22, 2020 11:27:20 AM

In this week's podcast we have the very successful businesswoman, Cyran Field Bampton. She talks to us about how her career has progressed and how she turned to social media to give her the support she needed at a particular time in her life. 

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The Influence Room Podcast- Changing the dialogue Call Me Loop - Singer, Songwriter
Posted by The Influence Room on Jan 22, 2020 11:27:02 AM

Today, we talk to the beautiful pop singer and songwriter, Call Me Loop. She talks to us about how she got into the world of music, the ups and downs in the process and how social media has an influence on the industry.

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The Influence Room Podcast: Changing the dialogue, Jenny and David Mustard
Posted by The Influence Room on Jan 22, 2020 10:55:11 AM

Our guests this week are Swedish YouTube couple, Jenny and David Mustard. Known for their minimalist aesthetic, they create content across Jenny's YouTube channel, Instagram, and website. We talk all things fashion, food, pop culture and sustainability.

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The Influence Room Podcast- Changing the dialogue: Ben Lebus - Founder of Mob Kitchen, Content Creator and Presenter
Posted by The Influence Room on Jan 22, 2020 10:11:10 AM

On today’s podcast we have entrepreneur Ben Lebus, founder of MOB Kitchen. He discusses with us his journey he took to setting up his multifaceted food brand and the progression the business has taken over the years.

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The Influence Room Podcast- Changing the dialogue: Ben Ebbrell - Chef, Presenter, Cookbook Author & Content Creator
Posted by The Influence Room on Jan 21, 2020 5:54:04 PM

A great part of social media is how it allows for direct feedback from viewers, the ability to answer their questions and overall it creates a community around the content. Someone who has successfully experienced this and taken 10 years to build an engaged community is Ben Ebbrell, founder and chef of the online cooking channel SORTEDfood.

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The Influence Room Podcast- Changing the dialogue Rob Eades: Actor, Chef and Presenter
Posted by The Influence Room on Jan 21, 2020 5:11:51 PM

This week, our guest on the podcast is actor, chef and presenter, Rob Eades, also known online as the Lean Student Chef. We chat to him about his love of food, but also his passion for acting and how he balances the two.

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The Influence Room Podcast- Changing the dialogue: Dean Piper
Posted by The Influence Room on Jan 21, 2020 5:03:41 PM

The world of journalism has changed dramatically over the years with the development of social media. Someone who has 15 years experience within this industry and has experienced this shift is Dean Piper, founder of Beak Communications.

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The Influence Room Podcast- Changing the dialogue: Dan O'Connell
Posted by The Influence Room on Jan 6, 2020 5:51:41 PM

In this episode of our podcast we chat to the lovely Dan O'Connell, a radio DJ, about the journey he’s taken in his career and what the term ‘influencer’ means to him in the industry.

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The Influence Room Podcast- Changing the dialogue Flora Beverley
Posted by The Influence Room on Jan 6, 2020 4:43:57 PM

In this weeks podcast, we chat to the fabulous Flora Beverley about her career, the work she does in sustainability and the responsibilities that come with having a large following. 

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The Influence Room Podcast - Changing the dialogue Rose Gallagher: Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger
Posted by The Influence Room on Dec 20, 2019 12:51:51 PM

In this episode of our podcast we chat to the wonderful Rose Gallagher, founder of Mixed Gems Beauty, about her success as a beauty blogger and her brand ambassadorship at IT cosmetics. 

Rose discusses the journey she has embarked upon, the challenges she faces in the current world of beauty and how she feels the beauty industry has evolved.

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The Influence Room Podcast - Changing the dialogue Sara McCorquodale, CEO of CORQ
Posted by The Influence Room on Dec 9, 2019 4:01:55 PM

The industry of influence has never been more potent in terms of its disruptive nature and its role in leading the narrative on how brands and talent interact with each other. Someone who has been at the forefront of this wave from a journalistic perspective is Sara McCorquodale.

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Brand to Brand: The Influence Room new partnership tool
Posted by The Influence Room on Nov 25, 2019 9:57:31 AM

An exciting development for The Influence Room, we have launched our Brand to Brand partnership tool. 

What is Brand to Brand?

Brand to Brand will enable all existing and new clients to post invitations for collaborations with other brands on the platform.

Whatever activity you’re working on,  The Influence Room Brand to Brand function will enable you to find partners.  

How would Brand to Brand work for my business?

Whether you are sourcing drinks partners for a launch party, venues for a high profile event, goody bag items for your VIPs or collaborations with complimentary brands - simply create an opportunity detailing what you’re offering and what you’re looking for, and let interested parties come directly to your inbox.

‘Brand to brand’ is another way that The Influence Room is changing the narrative around ‘influence’ and ensuring authenticity is at the heart of all connections.


Want more information on this? Email

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Instagram now tests ‘hiding’ likes, globally
Posted by The Influence Room on Nov 15, 2019 3:29:37 PM

You’ll have heard about Instagram testing the ‘hiding’ of likes across Australia, USA,  Canada, New Zealand and Brazil. It’s now going global and is music to our ears @ The Influence Room.

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Introducing The Influence Room new social tool, Audience Analysis.
Posted by The Influence Room on Nov 12, 2019 3:57:38 PM

We are delighted to announce a new deep dive data tool for clients of  The Influence Room.  Audience Analysis gives a thorough analysis of TIR members’ audience data, sponsored posts , previous brand campaigns, and look alike influencers. 

A wide range of additional features are also available. 

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Time is Money. Stop wasting it on ineffective influencer marketing.
Posted by The Influence Room on Sep 30, 2019 4:19:11 PM

Once upon a time, influencer marketing looked like this: brands threw money at big names with big followings and prayed that the resulting #ad would have some sort of effect. Not anymore. Consumers, brands and influencers are all getting savvier, and there are more and better ways than ever to develop smart, strategic collaborations that pay off for everyone.

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The Influence Room Podcast - Changing the dialogue with cricketer Nick Compton
Posted by The Influence Room on Sep 26, 2019 2:58:10 PM

In the debut episode of our podcast, we chat to legendary cricketer Nick Compton about sport, fame and moving on from the career that’s defined him.

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